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Live Auctions
Post your produce on the platform and have buyers from around Australia bid for it. Get a good understanding of what the market price is and don’t sell your produce short ever again.
Fast Payment
Our fast payment platform means our farmers get paid as soon as possible. No need to wait two weeks for your produce to be sold and then get paid.
Quick Notifications
We’ll inform you when someone bids on your listing, if someone makes an enquiry, or what the last offered price was.
Why Join GrowersOnline?

We deal with growers and buyers around Australia all the time. Through our journey we came across a lot of hurdles that both these people experience when they’re going about trying to make a living. We noticed that growers sometimes face issues such as late payments or not having a clear understanding of what is the market price of their produce.

We also became aware of some of the challenges buyers face when looking to buy produce. These ranged from finding good quality suppliers, losing track of deliveries, and many other day to day headaches.

With GrowersOnline we take care of all these issues both for buyers and growers. We have developed an online marketplace where the farming community can easily communicate with one another and discover a great way to buy and sell produce.

We would love to have you in our community. Join us today.

Some of our Farmers
GrowersOnline puts you in control when it comes to your produce. We offer a dynamic marketplace to connect growers and buyers through online auctions or instantaneous purchases. The marketplace makes life easier for our growers by offering fast payments. We also pay a lot attention to our buyers by offering a wide range of produce and fast delivery.
Liam West
Located in the Fassifern Valley, West Farmers produces predominately Beetroot and Carrots. Using the best methods, West Farmers wants to deliver their produce as fresh as possible to the end user and awaits more direct purchases from buyers at Growersonline.
George Him
George from Oasis Berries is an all year round grower with farms at Stanthorpe and Queensland's Sunshine Coast. He works hard to produce quality strawberries and does not want to give them away. He looks forward to GrowersOnline giving him direct access to buyers so he has full control.
Shaun Jackson
As is a producer of the finest quality melons from North Queensland. Daintree Fresh has a cashflow hindered by multiday delivery times and normal payment terms to resolve cash at bank. Shaun wants faster payments to keep the business moving forward.
You Produce it. We sell it.